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All-New X-Men #24: X-Perts of The Atom Review

Comic Booked 03/14/2014 Reviews

Spoilers for All-New X-Men #24 –

So here we are. Young, out of her time Jean Grey is being held captive by madman Imperial Guardsman Gladiator, hell bent on winning any sort of “victory” over any Phoenix or Grey he can. The Guardians of the Galaxy have come to give our All-New X-Men a hand in rescuing her, meanwhile Star Lord’s dad (not actually working with them) is doing his part to gum up Shi’ar politics. I love their plan. New recruit Angela plays possum in space, and when a curious science ship picks her up, she slaughters the crew and BAM, our team has a Shi’ar ship to sneak in with.

all-new x-men 24

Now here’s where my nitpick comes in. During a previous issue of All-New X-Men, Jean reveals that she knows her whole family is dead. But when the “End of the Greys” (a story where Shi’ar commandos led a mission to kill every member of her bloodline that they could) is referenced, Jean acts like she’s hearing it for the first time. Maybe she knew they were dead, but not by who’s hand? It still gets her amped up enough to mount an escape, and the issue ends with her interrupting the obligatory battle between our teams and the Shi’ar, but with an apparently defeated attitude. They want us to consider she may be resigned to her “fate” before the next issue, Guardians of the Galaxy #13 concludes “The Trail of Jean Grey” crossover event.

all-new x-men 24

My rating 4/5

It’s honestly not the most thrilling crossover event, but this issue has enough twists and turns and back and forth and “and then this happened” type moments to build up some momentum again. Manta gets one of the best shots in the obligatory battle, un-cluttering the playing field, leaving room for combatants like Scott to make dramatic shots. His “or I will kill you” line keeps with the dramatic and more violent, emotional tone. The lighter banter is also back, so this issue gets you where you’re going with enough to enjoy. It’s a dark, moody tale with a frigid space backdrop. I like it a lot.

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