Welcome to one of Comic Booked’s latest features, a new podcast that’s all about X-Men comics! A relapsed fan returns to the fold, along with an X-fanatic to keep you up to date on all things X-Men! I’m Scorpio Moon, the relapsed fan who is falling in love with comics all over again! Whenever I’m away from the hobby, there is nothing I miss more than my mutant family, which is why they are the hub of my comic book reading world. My co-host Johnny Alpha has stayed more connected than me, and we hope to bring you an adventurous podcast that will entertain long time readers, new fans, and even those who would only otherwise stay in touch through Wikipedia! So whether you want detailed discussion of ongoing comics, or just to stay up to date on recent events, this is the podcast for you!

We recently covered: All New X-Men # 16, Battle of the Atom #1, Legacy # 16, and X-Factor # 262.

As well as previewing: Astonishing X-Men # 67, Wolverine # 9, X-Men # 5 and Uncanny X-Force # 11.

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