Welcome to one of Comic Booked’s latest features, a new podcast that’s all about X-Men comics! A relapsed fan returns to the fold, along with an X-fanatic to keep you up to date on all things X-Men! Join hosts Scorpio Moon and Johnny Alpha for recaps and review of all the latest X-Men related titles, and also for previews of upcoming books. This week we both cast votes for “seXiest” moments, and each recommended one non-X title in a segment called “Spiking the Punch!”

Recaps and reviews for: Astonishing X-Men # 67, Uncanny X-Force # 11, X-Men # 5, and Wolverine # 9.

Previews of: Cable and X-force #14, Savage Wolverine #8, Ultimate Comics X-Men 31, Uncanny X-men #12, Wolverine Max #11, and X-Men Legacy #17.

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X-Men Comics Podcast


Thank you for listening to our All About X-Men Comics  Podcast! – Spoilers and NSFW, media player below.