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All About X-Men Comics Podcast 14

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Episode 14 of the All About X-Men Comics Podcast is ready for your approval!

We’ve got recaps and reviews forAmazing X-Men #2 , Deadpool #20, Fantomex Max #3 (of 4), Longshot Saves Marvel Universe #3 (of 4), Marvel Knights X-Men #2 (of 5), and X-Men Legacy #21.

We also have previews for: Uncanny X-Men #15, Wolverine and The X-Men #39, Wolverine #12, Wolverine Max #14, A + X #15, and Cable and X-Force #17.

All in all it was probably only an OK week comic book wise, but trust me Johnny Alpha and I sure made the best of it! As big of an X-Men fan as I am, there was probably only one comic that I really couldn’t live without from this past week’s selection, can you guess which? I’ll give you a hint, in the form of this preview of my thoughts on the title:

Why this issue is so great, and indeed why this book is so great, is the metaphor. One thing always represents another, and as [spoiler] describes all these little goings on, it gets downright philosophical and poetic. What [spoiler] does here is take what could be one of the most complicated characters and complicated series of events, and makes it into one of the simplest, and not basic, but primal set of conditions. Don’t let the beautiful but sometime oddball seeming art fool you, while it sometimes takes the tone of one, this isn’t some zany, pretentious indie book, this is one of the most super of them all. I can’t believe a book this good is so easy to read, usually the high end stuff is wordier or drowning  in it’s complexity and depth of meaning, which is just another irony of this book.


Spoilers and NSFW – streaming audio player at the bottom of the page, or also enjoy the YouTube archive and mp3 link!

X-Men knights

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If you wanna binge on X-Men stuff, head over to the All About X-Men Comics Podcast page! To follow Days of the Future Past movie news, stay up to date with our companion site Screen Rebellion.



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