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After Infestation: IDW Announces New Zombies Vs. Robots Series

Skott Jimenez 01/31/2011 Reviews

On Friday IDW’s Publisher and Editor-In-Chief, Chris Ryall, who also co-created the Zombies Vs. Robots concept with artist Ashley Wood, announced that after the Infestation event Zombies. Vs. Robots would be returning!

That news alone made me, personally, very happy but he managed to top that by posting on his blog:

“…we announced word about one of the two series spinning out of INFESTATION: I’m doing a new Zombies vs Robots series, “UnderCity,” with artist Mark Torres and covers by Torres, Garry Brown, and as you can see above, Ashley Wood. More from me on this next week…”

That’s right, not one but TWO series! I’ll be keeping my ears to the ground, not like a zombie would though, mine are still attached, for the promised announcements!

But to wet your Zombies Vs. Robots pallets, here is the art that was released along with this news…

Zombies Vs. Robots: Undercity

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