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Adrianne Curry’s Super Fans Show on YouTube

Tony Calandra 04/28/2012 Reviews

Are you a big fan of comic books, movies, cosplay or pop culture?  Do you go to any comic book show dressed up as your favorite characters?  Do all your friends go to you for pop culture movie knowledge or trivia?  Well if you answered yes to any of these I got some news for you!!  Adrianne Curry and Stan Lee are teaming together to find the biggest Super Fans.  They have combined to bring us Adrianne Curry’s Super Fans show.  That super fan might be you!!  You might not know who Adrianne Curry is,  but now you will know.  I will tell you she is a model, cosplayer, gamer and all around bad ass chick.  She not only is a hot,  but she knows her stuff when it comes to the geek culture. Adrianne Curry


Both her and Stan Lee co-created this show which is one of the first big time shows that will be airing on Stan Lee’s World of Heroes YouTube page.  Make sure you subscribe to Stan Lee’s World of Heroes YouTube channel to see more.  These two are known through out the comic book community.  You can go to many different comic cons and see these two comic book celebrities.  Next time you check out some hot chick dressed up as one of your favorite characters you might find yourself on YouTube, because that chick could be Adrianne Curry looking for the next Super Fan.  So get yourself together and join in on this awesome contest!!!



Check out the YouTube preview video to Adrianne Curry’s Super Fans:

Here is more info about the Super Fan contest and show via


Prize Details

Adrianne Curry is calling all super fans to submit audition-style videos for a chance to appear on her new series for Stan Lee’s World of Heroes YouTube channel. Four finalists who prove that they are fanatical about comics, movies, cosplay or pop culture will become the subject of the series, Adrianne Curry’s Super Fans, due to premiere this summer.

Contest Instructions

Fans who would like to appear on the show should submit a video showing why Adrianne should visit you to see how you became the ultimate super fan. The wilder the better.

Contest Starts

April 26, 2012@ 10:00 am (PDT)

Contest Ends

May 26, 2012@11:00 pm(PDT)


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Check out more from Adrianna Curry: or find her on Twitter:!/AdrianneCurry

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