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Ace Kilroy a Favourite Web-Based Comic Eagle Award Nominee

Comic Booked Guest Writer 03/25/2012 Reviews

For those of you unfamiliar with them, the Eagle Comic Awards are “the comics industry’s longest established awards,” covering the greats in comic publishing history since 1976. One of the more recent additions to the Eagle Comic Awards has been the webcomics category, which has a very striking crop of nominees for 2012.

Ace KilroyThere is a lot to say about the 2012 nominees, comprised of xkcd.com, Hark! A Vagrant, Freakangels, Axe Cop, and Ace Kilroy. While all the contenders are absolutely amazing in their own style and genre, with the potential of many great things to say about each of them, ComicBooked is highlighting Ace Kilroy as a webcomic that definitely deserves a look if you have not read it yet.

A creative collaboration between Rob Kelly and Dan O’ Connor, Ace Kilroy is a webcomic with a lot to offer in terms of genre appeal, art, character and story. To lay out the generalities of the story without spoiling, when you throw a debonair protagonist with a well groomed mustache taking on the world which is much more fantastic than it seems, you have some good reads on your hands.

From a beginning, the story promises adventure in a rather Indiana-Jones-like vein, which would be awesome. And it does for a while, complete with guns, a sword, and Nazis. Throw in a visit to some official people in the high places in government and you have a high rolling, politically motivated action adventure tale ready to get you going on rip roaring adventure, and you’re going to like it for what it is, right? Wrong. This is just the starting point…

Ace Kilroy

And then things get weird. An already exciting story gets an adrenaline shot of the supernatural, along with a very big name from horror history, Ace Kilroy is a page turner, or mouse clicker in this case, that definitely deserves a look before you cast your vote for Favourite Web-Based Comic for the Eagle Comic Awards. Whatever you do, please go check it out, and vote for whatever comic is your favorite, and keep in mind voting ends soon! And of course, make sure you swing over to the Ace Kilroy archives and check out the story from the beginning.


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  1. Cinthya 03/27/2012 at 6:08 am

    I love Ace Kilroy!! A must-read for any comic fan!

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