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A Sneak Peek At 5 New Villains For DCs New 52

Michael Wirth 08/19/2011 Reviews

Are you following David Macho Goméz on Twitter? You should be.

The agent for Spanish Inq, a group of Spanish artists, released on his Twitter feed images of five new villains set to appear in the upcoming New 52 DC reboot books. I really like the fact that DC is bothering to create new characters for the release. I would have assumed that most of the books would just included reimaginings of their current characters and be left at that. It’s refreshing to know that they are generating some new ideas for the New 52.

First up is the picture of the Cleaners, by Jesus Saiz, set to appear in Birds Of Prey.

DC's New 52. Art by Jesus Saiz

This is Renegade by Francis Portela, appearing in Legion Of Super Heroes. DC's New 52. Art by Francis Portela

The Scourge Of The World. This pretty sweet, full page illustration is by Miguel Sepulveda from Stormwatch.  

DC's New 52. Art by Miguel Sepulveda

The Daemonites will appear in Grifter. Art by CAFU.

DC's New 52. Art by CAFU

DC's New 52. Art by CAFU

DC's New 52. Art by CAFU

Finally we have Lament by Fernando Dagnino. Lament will be appearing in Resurrection Man.

DC's New 52. Art by Fernando Dagnino

DC's New 52. Art by Fernando Dagnino

DC's New 52. Art by Fernando Dagnino 

David did say that more images of the character designs from the New 52 will be coming so be sure to follow him on Twitter at @DavidMacho. Or just come on back to Comic Booked, where we will happily collect them for you in one place.

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  1. Andy Kirby 08/19/2011 at 4:50 am

    Some great art for this reboot…fantastic!

  2. Axekek 08/19/2011 at 11:21 am

    I think DC would need a large influx of villians since there were few villians in the wildstorm universe (I think WildC.A.T.s was the only group with a real rouges gallery). I think there might have been some others but most were more tied with these-events-happened-after-this-happened since most of there wildstorm foes were more real world-ish or universe wide things (The Gen things that tied a bunch of them together). …maybe stormwatch had a rouges gallery to, which might explain why only those two group are the main intergrators (like Static Shock was for Milestone due to higher profile)

  3. James Victor Von Hal 08/20/2011 at 1:07 am

    Interesting. As long as they flesh out the characters it could be pretty good.

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