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A Second Look at JC Alvarez’s “Hyper Heroes”

Jacob Thomas 01/08/2013 Reviews

About a month ago, we here at Comic took a look at a new comic book series under a Kickstarter campaign, Hyper Heroes written by JC Alvarez and his team based out of San Francisco, California. Hyper Heroes is truly a wonderful comic book series due to the fact of what the series has to offer. Let’s first reiterate what Hyper Heroes is about:

[box_light]”The concept “our readers are the heroes.” At first, Hyper Heroes was all about giving superpowers (in this case, hyperpowers) to my friends. This time we’ll do it massively, giving a character in the series to anyone that asks for that reward in Kickstarter, but even the series’ “main” characters are based on real people, with real personalities and normal lives. What defines Hyper Heroes is that we turn those normal lives into superhero adventures.”[/box_light]
 Hyper Heroes
Some of the perks they offer for those who contribute towards their Kickstarter campaign are absolutely amazing and very uncommon in this day and age for a comic book series:
[quote]Pledge $1 minimum:
READER KIT: To being with, all backers get free digital access to EVERY comic in our website, including digital copies of all upcoming Hyper Heroes comics! that’s right! Help us start this, and you get a lifetime digital subscription to all Hyper Heroes comics! Plus your name gets recognized as a backer in our website and social networks!Estimated delivery: Jul 2013Pledge $5 or more:

DIGITAL KIT: All pledges $5 and above get a premium account at the Hyper Heroes website, including exclusive access to the Create Your Hyper Hero Application! This in addition to free access to all our digital content! How cool is that?

Estimated delivery: Jul 2013

Pledge $25 or more:

FAN KIT: All pledges $25 and above get a 40′ x 28′ art print of any of the downloadable wallpapers from our website! So yes, you get to pick your own Hyper Heroes poster! This, of course, in addition to the full digital kit!

Estimated delivery: Jul 2013

Add $15 to ship outside the US
Pledge $25 or more (Bonus):

HALL OF FAME KIT: NEW special offer! Since Hyper Heroes is about turning our readers into our heroes, we’re letting 50 more backers become official Hyper Heroes! Send us a photo and short bio as per the HYPER KIT ($100 pledge), and we’ll create a Hyper Hero for you, also with their own powers and personal data! This character will be listed at the HYPER HERO HALL of fame in the website! Even better; this benefit automatically applies to all pledges above this level! So, if you want to be a Hyper Hero, this is where to start! And if you already pledged more than $25, you’ve already got it!

Limited (45 of 50 remaining)

Estimated delivery: Jul 2013

Pledge $50 or more:

HERO KIT: This is the one we want you to have. All pledges $50 and above earn PRINTED, perfect-bound copies of the first two Hyper Heroes volumes (56 pages each)! And of course, you also get the complete Fan kit (art print + free digital content)! What else could you want?

Estimated delivery: Jul 2013



And the perks keep on becoming larger the more you contribute towards this amazing comic book series. Take note, though: There’s only 3 DAYS LEFT! Does this series interest you? Do your part in helping this team out and help make Hyper Heroes a reality!

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    Nice update. Can't wait to hear (and see) more!

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