DC Is showcasing next week’s Justice League #6 cover by Jim Lee and variant cover by Aquaman artist Ivan Reis. Jim Lee comments to The Source on why he went with the Justice League bowing before Darkseid, with Batman the only one struggling to rise.

“I wanted to create a cover which resonated with what I consider to be the most classic Darkseid story – namely the Great Darkness Saga – so that entailed the Justice League bowing down naturally to the power of Darkseid,” said Lee. “Except of course Batman who, despite not having powers, fights with all his strength in defiance.”

On Ivan’s variant cover he decided to focus strictly on Darkseid’s face. This manages to demonstrate remarkably well the threat and power of Darkseid. The first arc of the Justice League ends with issue #6; do these covers give you any hint to the outcome that has been hinted at having “lasting consequence”? Be sure to check back with Comic Booked for the review. Justice League #6 will be on sale next week, February 29.

Justice League 6 Cover by Jim Lee

Justice League 6 Cover by IVAN REIS