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A Frightmare-ish Convention Comes To Dallas Again

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It’s that time of year again in Texas, the time of year where the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and Texas Frightmare  Weekend April  29th-May 1st is almost here, can you hear the horror fans rejoice!

The first Texas Frightmare Weekend was held February in 2006, at the Grapevine Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas; even in the beginning Loyd Cryer and his staff had big plans for the horror convention bringing in notable  guests that  included Joe Bob Briggs, Linnea Quigley, Ashlie Rhey, Brinke Stevens, Jon Keeyes, Scott von Doviak, Tom Savini, and Ses Carny.

Texas Fright mare Weekend, was well received the first year with people from all over Texas and outside the state arriving to meet some of the legends of horror,; observing this Loyd and his team set out to make the convention even bigger in 2007; since the response was so great from the previous year Texas Frightmare was moved to a even bigger venue at the Omni Dallas Park West Hotel.

The guest list grew in 2007 as Texas Frightmare Weekend hosted, George A. Romero, in addition Texas Frightmare Weekend extended programming to  include screenings of upcoming and classic horror films, panels about horror films and actors, roundtable discussions, documentary screenings, autograph signings, and a special presentation of “Inside the B-Actor’s Studio with Clint Howard”. with a Lifetime Achievement Award being presented to effects maestro Tom Savini, other guests included John Russo, Jeffrey Combs, Linnea Quigley, Doug Bradley, Ashley Laurence, Kristina Klebe, Danielle Harris, Nancy Loomis, Adrienne Barbeau, Lew Temple, Angela Bettis, Ken Evert, Eileen Dietz, Cerina Vincent, George Kosana, Russell Streiner, Charles Cyphers, Barbara Nedeljáková, Gaylen Ross, Jonathan Breck, Camden Toy, Tom Atkins, C. A. Broadstone, Anthony Simmons, Sid Haig, Bill Moseley, Lloyd Kaufman, Caroline Williams, and James Hampton.

Texas Frightmare Weekend now affectionately called “TFW” by the fans has grown in leaps and bounds in size to the extent that the convention is now located at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Dallas, the convention takes up the convention area with horror fans roaming the large lobby of the hotel; in years gone by the convention has continued to be host of some of the top entertainers in the horror genre such as:

George A. Romero, Cassandra Peterson (Elvira), the cast of Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Land of the Dead and Diary of the Dead, Malcolm McDowell, Dee Wallace, Danielle Harris, Kristina Klebe, and Scout Taylor-Compton, Tom Atkins, Jason Lively, Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni, Kelli Maroney,  Tobe Hooper,  Alice Cooper, Karen Black, William Forsythe, Dick Miller, Derek Mears, Linda Blair, Caroline Williams, and in 2010 John Carpenter, Bill Mosley and Sid Haig.

Texas Frightmare Weekend has become one the conventions that people mark their calendars for every year to attend and is the largest horror conventions in Texas and has also fast become one of the top horror conventions in the country with hundreds of people dressing up in their best zombie and horror icon make-up every year.

This year marks the sixth year of the convention and once again does not disappoint in the amount of talented guests in store for fans nor does it disappoint in the number of planned events.

The Featured Guests at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2011 are synonymous with the word horror and will make fans scream in fear and delight.Clive Barker Hellraiser

Clive Barker – Came to prominence in the mid-1980s with a series of short stories which established him as a leading young horror writer. He has since written many novels and other works, and his fiction has been adapted into motion pictures, notably the Hellraiser and Candyman series.

Robert Englund – Probably best known as Freddy Krueger in A Nightmare on Elm Street and all of its sequels. Englund, a boyish, tall and gaunt figure, became a cult favorite after that film but had started working in the 1970s.

He was cast as a sex-crazed maniac in Eaten Alive  by Tobe Hooper, who also directed The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Englund went on to a number of low-budget horror films, including Galaxy of Terror and The Fifth Floor.

Then came his big break as Freddy Kruger in “Elm Street”, the man of Robert Englund Freddy Kruggernightmares with the disfigured face and a red striped shirt with his right hand as razor-sharp knives. The film was directed by Wes Craven and was so successful for New Line Cinema that the company had Englund reprise Freddy in all of the subsequent – and wildly successful – sequels. He played the title role in the semi-remake of the horror film classic,

The Phantom of the Opera for 21st Century Film Corporation. Englund has frequently worked with Hooper, in such films as Night Terrors (1995) and The Mangler.

Roger Corman (SATURDAY ONLY) – Has mostly worked on low-budget films. Some of Corman’s work has an established critical reputation, such as his cycle of films derived from the tales of Edgar Allan Poe, and he has won an Honorary Academy Award for his body of work.

Corman is also an occasional actor, taking minor roles in such films as The Roger CormanSilence of the Lambs, The Godfather Part II, Apollo 13 and Philadelphia. A documentary about Roger Corman’s life and career entitled Corman’s World: Exploits of a Hollywood Rebel premiered at Sundance in 2011.

Malcolm McDowell – Principally known for his roles in the controversial films Caligula, If…., O Lucky Man! and A Clockwork Orange.

His versatility as an actor has led to his presence in many films and television series of different genres, including Tank Girl, Star Trek Generations, the TV serial Our Friends in the North, Entourage, Heroes, Metalocalypse, animated film Bolt and the 2007 remake of Halloween and the 2009 sequel Halloween II.

He is also well known for his narration of the seminal 1982 documentary, The Compleat Beatles.

Doug Bradley – Probably most famous for his role as Hellraiser’s Pinhead – Dark Prince of Pain, Angel of Suffering, Leviathan’s Lord of the Damned.

As well as the ‘Hellraiser” series, Doug has starred in Clive Barker’s ‘Nightbreed‘, alongside his friend Robert Englund (Freddy from ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’) in ‘The Killer Tongue’, and in two award-winning short horror films ‘On Edge’ and ‘Red Lines’.

Doug also voiced and Executive Produced the anime feature “Dominator” and adapts, directs and performs the ‘Doug Bradley’s Spine Chillers’ series of films and audio books. Other film and TV appearances include ‘Inspector Morse’ and the movies ‘The Prophecy: Uprising’ and ‘Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes’.

Doug’s theatre work includes his one-man show ‘An Evening With Death’. He also showed us his literary skills in the insightful and entertaining book ‘Behind the mask of the horror actor’.

Sid Haig – His roles have included acting in Jack Hill’s blaxploitation films of the 1970s as well as his role as Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie’s horror films House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects.

He has appeared in many television programs including Batman, Star Trek, Mission: Impossible, Gunsmoke, The Rockford Files, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Fantasy Island, Sledge Hammer!, The A-Team, The Fall Guy, and MacGyve

Texas Frightmare Weekend will be bringing the cast from SAW movie  Franchise including:

Cary Elwes (SAW, SAW, 3D The Princess Bride, Hot Shots, Glory, Shadow of the Vampire, Robin Hood Men in Tights, Twister, Dracula, The X-Files, Days of Thunder, The Alphabet Killer, Kiss The Girls, The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, Yellow Submarine)

Shawnee Smith (SAW, SAW II, SAW III, SAW VI, The Blob, The Stand, Carnival of Souls)

Costas Mandylor (SAW III, SAW IV, SAW V, SAW VI, SAW 3D, Dinocroc, Sinners & Saints, The Cursed)

SAW Fans get your SAW VIP Tickets here and read more at the SAW VIP Page.

Texas Frightmare Weekend also has some amazing events planned this year that include something for everyone, from movie fanatics, to zombies and even a killer Hearse and Hot Rod Show.

Film Screenings will show some of the top horror movies both mainstream and independent horror genres.

Hearse and Hot Rod Show will be showing off some of the coolest hot rods and hearses that you will die for maybe want to be taken to to your final resting place in style.

Rue Morgue Magazine – Artists enter the Rue Morgue Magazine Art Contest and maybe your art will be immortalized in one of the country’s top horror magazines.

The 4th Annual Texas Frightmare Weekend Zombie Walk, now it’s your turn to dress up and be one of the walking brain munchers and mingle with other zombies, maybe stop and get a bit to eat, thei will be plenty of brains to go around.

This is only a small sampling of all the guests, events and fun at this year’s Texas Frightmare Weekend April 29th – May 1st at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Dallas, Texas, so be sure to get your scare on.

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    Wow, sounds fun. I recently moved to Texas (lived back in Michigan in the same town as your own Skott of Fables) and would love to go to this….in fact I just may!

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