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Web Comics Wednesday!

Evil Inc by Brad Guigar

Web Comics Wednesday! – EVIL

Long time readers of Web Comics Wednesday will be aware that the very first edition of this section was dedicated to HEROES. Well, I figured it was ...
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By Ryan Sohmer

Web Comics Wednesday! – Comic Book Commentary

On any day that ends in "y", the comic book industry can pretty much guarantee that fans will get up in arms about some change or other to some ...
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By Tracy J. Butler

Web Comics Wednesday! – Anthropomorphs

The dictionary defines "Anthropomorph" as resembling the human form. Sometimes, when conceiving a story, things become much more interesting when ...
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By Robin White

Web Comics Wednesday! – SMALL CREATURES

Gremlins, Doodzes and ants all take center stage in today's Web Comics Wednesday! While the trio, as well as a few other creatures tossed into the ...
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Headlocks and Headaches by Dean Stahl

Web Comics Wednesday! – WRESTLING

Wrestling by itself is full of intense action, interesting characters, and gut-wrenching drama... The sort of things someone would like to see in a ...
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Shortpacked! by David Willis

Web Comics Wednesday! – Staff Picks

We here at Comic Booked have a wide variety of tastes, from movies, to comic books, to web comics. Today, we thought it would be fun to choose our ...
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Decrypting Rita by Egypt Urnash

Web Comics Wednesday! – ROBOTS

R2-D2. Johnny 5. V.I.C.I. People love robots. Nevermind the whole "Uncanny Valley" aspect of some of the more advanced robots, artificial lifefo...
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Urban Jungle Header

Web Comics Wednesday! – Corporate Life

Anyone who has ever read Dilbert knows that the corporate life can be a soul-sucking drain on the human spirit. However, the big office-type ...
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Next Town Over by Erin Mehlos

Web Comics Wednesday! – HISTORY

Sometimes the easiest place to find inspiration for a story is to look into history. With so many different time periods to choose from, history ...
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Agent-X Comics by Scott Hampson

Web Comics Wednesday! – SINGLE PANEL GAGS

Sometimes, writing a single panel gag is more difficult that writing an entire story. Just ask Gary Larson, creator of the hilarious Far Side. H...
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