Saturday 13th February 2016,
Comic Booked
Posted On February 13, 2016

What a great week for Batman fans.  Happy Baturday, everyone!  What was your favorite release this week?  Are you into the two off-beat crossovers?  Or the main books with Jim Gordon and/or Bruce Wayne as [...]

Sane6 Banner

Sane6 Kickstarter Preview

February 11, 2016
Star Trek
Posted On February 12, 2016

Bryan Fuller Announced as Show-runner for “Star Trek” Bryan Fuller, one of the most respected names in modern television, has just been announced as the new show-runner for CBS’ upcoming Star Trek series, to stream [...]

Posted On January 26, 2016

No matter your favorite sort of movie, the Academy Awards is filled with the opportunities for almost any film or actor to be recognized for their work. This year is no exception as there is [...]

The Boy Movie Poster

Movie Review: The Boy

January 25, 2016
Rip Hunter

Who Is Rip Hunter?

January 21, 2016
The Turtle

Who Is The Turtle?

January 19, 2016

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