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75 Years of Batman: Top 75 Batman Artists

Jeff Hill 08/06/2014 Features

As promised, we are continuing to celebrate the 75th Batman anniversary over here at Comic Booked.  First we did a list of the top 75 Batman characters.  Then we compiled a list of the top 75 Batman writers.  And now it is time for the top 75 Batman artists to shine.  It’s only fair, right?  Of course it is.  So here they are, in all of their glory:

1. Neal Adams

2. Jim Aparo

3. Eddy Barrows

4. Lee Bermejo

5. Simone Bianchi

6. Brian Bolland

7. Norm Breyfogle

8. Chris Burnham

9. John Byrne

10. Greg Capullo

11. Cliff Chiang

12. Becky Cloonan

13. Gene Colan

14. Amanda Conner

15. Darwyn Cooke

16. Tony Daniel

17. Alan Davis

18. Dale Eaglesham

19. Scot Eaton

20. David Finch

21. Francesco Francavilla

22. Gary Frank

23. Keith Giffen

24. Patrick Gleason

25. Bob Hall

26. Cully Hamner

27. Jeremy Haun

28. Adam Hughes

29. Carmine Infantino

30. Frazer Irving

31. Mikel Janin

32. Klaus Jansen

33. Phil Jiminez

34. Jock

35. Kelley Jones

36. Bob Kane

37. Adam Kubert

38. Andy Kubert

39. Jae Lee

40. Jim Lee

41. Kevin Maguire

42. Doug Mahnke

43. Francis Manapul

44. Tom Mandrake

45. David Mazzuchelli

46. Dave McKean

47. Mike Mignola

48. Ed McGuinness

49. Frank Miller

50. Sheldon Moldoff

51. Rags Morales

52. Dustin Nguyen

53. Graham Nolan

54. Yanick Paquette

55. George Perez

56. Paul Pope

57. Howard Porter

58. Joe Quesada

59. Frank Quitely

60. Ivan Reis

61. Eduardo Risso

62. Jerry Robinson

63. Kenneth Rocafort

64. Alex Ross

65. Tim Sale

66. Nicola Scott

67. Dick Sprang

68. Jim Starlin

69. Brian Stelfreeze

70. Curt Swan

71. Bruce Timm

72. Michael Turner

73. Matt Wagner

74. J. H. Williams III

75. Bernie Wrightson

Batman 700 CloseupSo there you have it.  Who didn’t make it on the list?  There are SOOOOOOOO many deserving artists out there, especially ones who have drawn the Bat, but I had to limit it somewhere.  Let me know your favorites in the comments section below!


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