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50 Video Games That Should Be Movies Part 8 of 10

Nick Furious 02/26/2013 Reviews

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that Video Games don’t translate very well to film. Don’t believe me?  Feel free to check out Super Mario BrosStreet Fighter, and Doom. Those aren’t necessarily the worst but they most certainly aren’t the best. Video Games have been getting a bad rap as movies for as long as I can remember but usually rightfully so. Still, there have been successful movie franchises out of a few; specifically the Resident Evil franchise which went above and beyond to be nothing like the game and crush all of our hopes and dreams into the ground. Check out the Box Office revenue and you will see regardless of Resident Evil being nothing like the game it has been a huge success. With technology at an all time high and special effects at the peak of perfection there is no better time than now to bring these titles to the forefront and get crackin’ on what is sure to be “Box Office Gold”. There will be ten installments which will feature five video games a piece to ensure I don’t make your eyes bleed. Got one you think I missed? Let me know in the comments section below!  Happy Gaming!

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36. Super Mario RPG – This is definitely in my top ten favorite video games of all time.  It might even be in my top five if itSuper Mario RPG weren’t for Final Fantasy III.  Super Mario RPG:Legend of the Seven Stars pretty much can be summed up as a crappy sequel story-line.  But even though the story is silly the game most certainly isn’t.  We meet so many new and charming characters in Mario RPG movie goers would fall in love almost instantly.  The concept of Mario and Bowser teaming up gives this movie massive credentials as well could be a nice follow-up sequel to Super Mario Bros, maybe even a spin-off trilogy.   The Smithy Gang has to be the lamest villain name in movie history but I think with the right director (Peter Jackson) to explore all the magical worlds Mario and his team explore it could be downright brilliant.

37. Comix Zone – This is one of those games that really surprised me start to finish.  Although I never finished it.  I broke 4 Sega Genesis controllers trying to beat it but never could.  Mad props if you did.   Sorry let’s get back to the concept atComix Zone hand.  Why would Comix Zone make such a great movie?  Comic Book Movie Adaptations are all the big rage right now.  9 times out of 10 they seem to do pretty good at box office.  Our main character, Sketch Turner, a struggling comic book artist is struck by lightning and pulled into his own comic.  Oh and I almost forgot the most important part: the main villain has escaped the comic and is now the one doing the drawling.  Sounds silly?  No more silly than Tron and that movie is all sorts of bad ass.   You would need someone the likes of Edgar Wright or pretty much anyone trying to do an innovative technology commercial.  You know… the commercials where everything constantly warps into a new environment and/or things?  Remember when those commercials were clever?

38. Altered Beast – In Altered Beast you are…well you don’t really have a name other than “A Centurion” and not the bad ass Centurions where they have Air/Land/and Water Iron Man Armor.  You are a sad pathetic man in loin cloth whoAltered Beast apparently isn’t cared for enough to have a name.  But alas you are cared for because the Goddess Athena needs to be rescued so Zeus chooses “A Centurion” who died to save his daughter.  After Zeus resurrects “A Centurion” you are then forced to fight demons/zombies/and unknown horrors.  On the plus side of things you do to get become THE ALTERED BEAST!  Basically you receive power-ups that let you become things.  Morph into Beasts such as a Werewolf and a Dragon.  This game wasn’t nearly as fun as it sounds but it is definitely a child hood classic.  The name alone would pull in a strong male audience.  The werewolf’s and zombies would pull in a strong female audience (what has happened!?) because girls would think it was a new Tween movie of some sort.  But the real kicker?  The toys!  Toy Companies would make a killing having Altered Beast action figures!

39. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker – Before Michael Jackson was a weirdo and child molester he was a total bad ass.  His music video’s were more like mini movies.  Every song Michael Jackson wrote was brilliant, and nobody cared that heMichael Jackson's Moonwalker was becoming less black each album.  Moonwalker is basically a video game starring Michael Jackson.  Think Shaq Fu but amazing and not ridiculously stupid.   In the first level your “background music” is Smooth Criminal!  How cool is that!?  If you are laughing right now I can’t really say I blame you but I assure you this game is Bad Ass.  or just “Bad” as Michael Jackson would put it.   Basically Michael has to go around and stop bad guys with magic.  Nope you read that right.  Magic.  As he rescues children (No he doesn’t molest them.  He rescues them) and using Bubbles the Chimpanzee to get it done.  THIS MOVIE HAS TO BE MADE!  Instead of a Michael Jackson real life documentary I would much rather have this movie made.  I LEFT THE BEST FOR LAST!  When Michael Jackson’s (he really did have a Chimpanzee named Bubbles btw) Chimp jumps on his shoulders Michael Jackson turns into a robot and shoots lasers!  Make this movie NOW!  PLEASE!

40. Time Crisis – Few games have taken money from me quite likes Time Crisis.  Sure there was “X-Men“, “Cowboys of Moo Mesa“, and “Simpsons” but those are simplistic side scrolling beat em up games.  Time Crisis is a game where you only have so much time and so much life to complete each mission.  It incorporated a step stool that you press everyTime Crisis time you need to hide.  It was pretty innovative for the time and to be honest it is still a real good time.  I just wasted a good twenty dollars on it last week.  Time Crisis has evolved into a very fun two player shooter game but it has kept the same tone and gameplay as the predecessor.   Action Movies love to be on a time crunch.  They love to make the hero sweat every way possible.  “The vaccination has to be received by 9 am and it’s 7:35!” or “A bomb will go off in three of the five buildings you have fifteen minutes before all three blow.”  That sort of thing is a Time Crisis specialty!   You play as Richard Miller and you have to rescue people on a deserted island (by deserted I mean a small army and this crazy chingada named Wild Dog).  This is the perfect movie for someone the likes of Michael Bay.  Yes I love the franchise but I don’t give two shits about how “faithful” it is.  Odds are no one else would either!  Maybe you could drop Turtles and take on Time Crisis?  I know we haven’t always gotten along Mike but I would like to see you tackle things that take little to no talent and have little need for character development.  That is Time Crisis Mike!  You got this bro!


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  1. Christian_J 02/26/2013 at 6:52 pm

    Time Crisis would make a awesome movie and as much as it pains me to agree with you, Michael Bay on board sounds like the perfect match for making this game into a film.

  2. Brendan 02/26/2013 at 8:21 pm

    Yes!!! Michael Bay for Time Crisis

  3. jeffhillwriter 02/27/2013 at 2:29 am

    Super Mario RPG would make a great SERIES even. That game was/is epic.

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