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5 best female video game characters with short hair

Comic Booked Guest Writer 04/30/2014 Games and Gaming

Female video game characters are famous for their outlandish looks or gravity-defying appearances. Whether it’s the drag-queen make-up or dresses that are sliced from collar bone to navel and cut from ankle to thigh, they are never very sensible. You only have to look at the entire cast of the Dead or Alive games to understand that. But there’s one aspect in particular that’s worth a mention – the hairstyles.

From the beautiful to the ridiculous, video game characters really do have the most interesting hairstyles. This is quite simply due to the fact that they can defy all of the laws of physics and common sense. Just Googling any random Final Fantasy character is enough to prove this fact.

However, there are a select few ladies out there who know what to do with their luscious locks if you’re going to be jumping off buildings, blowing stuff up and fighting off zombie hordes – CUT IT ALL OFF! Yes, the best ones are the female video game characters with short hair. These strong-minded women don’t have time for bandanas, beads or bunches. Instead, they keep it short and out of the way. Plus, imagine having to wash all of that blood and grit out of hair like all those pixelated-Rapunzels out there.

Below you’ll find our top 5 female video game characters with short hair.

5. Elizabeth
Bioshock Infinite

female video game characters with short hair

The long ponytail a la Belle from Beauty and the Beast was hacked off in dramatic fashion about halfway through Irrational Games’ Bioshock Infinite, leaving Elizabeth free to open tears and save the world.


4. Yuna
Final Fantasy X/X-2

female video game characters with short hair

What may have been a cute bob in Final Fantasy X became a stylish flicky number in X-2, keeping it out of her face as she twirled and swirled and shot things to pieces.


3. Ada Wong
Resident Evil series

female video game characters with short hair

Gotta blast your way through a zombie horde? Ada’s got it covered with a pixie-bob that only occasionally gets in her eyes. Hell, who are we kidding? It never gets in her eyes in gaming land.


2. Bayonetta
Bayonetta 2

female video game characters with short hair

Okay, so it was long and wild in the first Bayonetta game but from what we saw at E3 last year, this girl is rocking the short and funky look. Which is apparently best suited for this weird spinning through the air shot that was released at the time.


1. Faith
Mirror’s Edge

female video game characters with short hair

Faith totally owns this chic bob and being a bit of a free-running whizz kid how else could she wear that raven mane of hers? And the blunt fringe keeps it away from her face when the wind is whipping past her as she leaps from building to building.


So, practical girls keep it short. Let that be a lesson to you, game developers! Let us know your favourite female video game characters with short hair in the comments section below or on our Facebook page. Now, I’m off to book a haircut…

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