Includes spoilers for Amazing X-Men #2

So Wolverine and Northstar are in heaven, and Storm, Iceman, and Firestar are in hell. Both realms are under attack by agents of Azazel, who wants to get into the soul claiming business.

As the issue ends, Wolverine allows himself to fall off the pirate ship into the heavenly abyss, Storm is kidnapped by the pirates in hell, and Nightcrawler is waiting to bamf in to save her.

Let’s do the positives first:

1. Northstar’s pinball machine fighting style looks pretty cool. It’s bright, dynamic and fun. The visual art is the best reason to check out this book.

2. Wolverine slices a sword and it breaks into 4 pieces, because you know, his three claws. A lot of artists fail to pay attention to the kind of damage Wolverine should inflict with his claws, and to me this was a nice touch

3. When Wolverine fights the pirate, it says something about being transformed by Azazel, and Wolverine retorts with – “I’ll transform ya if you just hold still.” It reminds me of how much they focused his dialogue on those kind of quips in the 90’s carton, and how he’d always throw people’s words right back in their face.

4. Iceman freezing over hell – while it falls into pun territory, it is a really practical solution to the problem of hell making him melt, and I love when a character digs deep and finds a great well of power in themselves, you know last breath kind of stuff as he ice-hulks out and just goes crazy with his power, it’s real “hell yeah!” moment stuff.

Iceman and Firestar in Amazing X-Men


The negatives:

1. Stupid Storm being stupid. So she realizes the hell demons are at war with Azazel’s crew, that the bad guys are basically all preoccupied fighting each other, and that in hell she doesn’t have her powers, so her brilliant plan is fight them all anyway, just punch anything bad looking. Really Storm? Bad guys are taking on each other, your powers don’t work, Iceman is melting, and Firestar is kind of freaking out. If you ask me Storm deserved to get captured.

2. The pirate’s cheesy obvious names. Captain Jack and Billy the Kid, really? And is his group actually calling themselves “The Regulators?”

3. All of the hell puns and everything, just all of them.

4. Professor X. I expected seeing him again some day to happen in a more epic fashion. I guess they want to do a thing where Wolverine might realize this could be his only real chance to end up in a place like this. As Xavier helps Wolverine to realize he is in heaven, he basically talked him into letting go, which is supposedly exactly what he doesn’t want him to do.

Northstar fighting pirates


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