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31 Days Day 16: Locke & KEY

Comic Booked 10/16/2010 Reviews

Welcome to Day 16 of 31 Days! A celebration of all things creepy, chilling and thrilling  from my comic collection.

 I discovered Locke & Key through Judd, one of the owners of my regular comic shop. Knowing the type of books I like he had put the first issue in my weekly pulls even though I hadn’t ordered it. I’m so glad he did. Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez have created a horror master piece in Locke& Key. This issue begins with a brutal  murder and attack on the Locke family.  Through a series of flashbacks that show the brutal attack and its present day effects on the Locke family, this is a perfect first entry in the series.

Gabriel’ s art is stunning and horrific. He excels at catching facial reactions and her really captures the essence of a young boyish energy with the character Bode. There are many dark vicious and bloody scenes in this issue. The scariest scene is a large panel showing the Locke’s teen daughter clutching Bode to her chest in terror as her brother lures one of the murderers in to the basement. The terror on their faces is palpable, I felt my heart racing wondering how this would possible end. This is such a wonderful collaboration between Hill & Rodriguez especially considering they worked together entirely through phone, fax and emails! I was so thrilled to meet Joe at comic con in 2009  he is such a great guy and he was so excited to finally meet Gabriel in person!

The Key house itself is a wonderful character in this series. It is the birthright of the Locke family and hold the “key” to their fate. An amazing series that is soon to culminate in a graphic novel that will conclude the story.

An amazing read, and intense comic series. Definitely worth the read. Pick up Locke & Key. You won’t regret it.


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  1. Sokos6 11/12/2012 at 12:20 am

    I've read through Locke & Key twice now. Well done, love this comic.

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