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Comic Booked 10/06/2010 Reviews



Here we are at Day6 of 31 Days a celebration of  spooky , scary , and chilling moments from my comic collection.

So. Do you CHEW ? If not you are missing out. Created by John Layman and Rob Guillory, chew is about Tony Chu. He is a Cibopathic. He has a sense about food. He can eat a hamburger and see the farm it was raised on, what it was fed and how it was killed. Quite a skill,that leads to a mostly vegetarian diet for Tony.

Tony is also a cop and with his partner John they are on a stake(no pun intended!) out. In Tony’s world Chicken is illegal every since an outbreak of Bird Flu,and Tony and John are gathering information for a big bust.

There bust is interrupted by the FDA and they end up eating at the very eatery they were investigating. As Tony sips his soup he is flooded with images and starts reciting names and locations (creepy!) the cook at the restaurant had earlier nicked his finger while making the soup and a single drop of blood has entered the soup.

Tony and his partner go to the kitchen to catch the killer. John is injured and  Tony faces the killer alone. The memories of the victims start to become jumbled in Tony’s mind and he demands the names and locations of the victims . The killers response is to slit his own throat!

Then tony makes an interesting decision. He bites and chews  pieces of the dead body’s neck in order to get all the names and burial places of the killers victims. UGH!!   John and Rob have created a wonderful universe and cast of characters that keeps getting better each issue.

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