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31 Days Day 4 X-MEN

Comic Booked 10/04/2010 ZDONOTUSE



X-men 143:  Demon, is one of my favorite issues of the comic series. Written by Chris Claremont and illustrated by John Byrne this issue  features my favorite X-man Kitty Pryde.

A rogue N’Garai  inter dimensional creatures that the X-men fought previously has risen from the earth months after Storm destroyed their entrance point.

The N’Garai have a very similar body style to the creatures from the Alien franchise: four legs, lethal tails and viscous claws and teeth.

It’s Christmas Eve and Kitty is on her own at the mansion. After a few practice sessions in the Danger Room Kitty responds to an intruder alert . She immediately is attacked by  a N’Garai.

Even with her phasing powers, the creature gives chase and a dangerous game of cat and mouse begins.

What I enjoy most about this story is how smart and resourceful Kitty is. The N’gari is an unstoppable force. the action is fast paced as you turn and turn the pages watching Kitty’s startled reactions, and her energy begin to fail. A momentary lapse in concentration gives her a painful albeit invisible injury.

The climactic scene is also the most intense : energy failing , Kitty  is unable to access her phase ability and she makes a desperate run to the  teams plane the Blackbird. She is desperately trying to figure out the controls to plane. There is in intense panel, a close up of kitty’s eye, a tear forming as she waits fro the creature to enter the rear camera ‘s display screen. She flight’s the primal urge to run as the creature moves closer and closer.

   Once the creature is in range she punches the button for the Jet’s engines and the creature burns.

Kitty quietly edges out of the plane , phasing powers returned she is walking on air slowly checking out the back of the plane. In true horror movie fashion a burned claw reaches out for her! Yes I admit i jumped :) the best part of a spooky story is getting caught up in it enough to react. She is safe though, and when the X-men return Peter finds her curled up in a chair by the fireside. The professor has bought Kitty’s parents for a surprise visit .

The final panes shows the charred remains of the creature including the burning hand :) Such a great spotlight issue on Kitty and a great read .

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