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31 DAYS DAY 30: The Walking Dead 47&48

Comic Booked 10/30/2010 ZDONOTUSE

Welcome to Day 30 of 31 days! A celebration of all things chilling and thrilling from my comic book collection:


We now reach the final two issues in the No One Is Safe storyline.  They are scary!!

Issue 47

Michonne LIVES! She also takes out a few of the Governors guards before taking off. The scariest part of this issue is seeing one of the Governors tanks take down the fence in front of the prison. Not only is the Governor and his men now in the prison compound but also the zombies. There is a flurry of bullet fire and casualties. This issue ends with a shocking image of Rick’s wife Lori kneeling, clutching her newborn daughter to her chest as a gun points at her head.

Issue 48

Ill admit that I’ve had issues with Rick’s wife Lori. She came across as quite the shrew. I could understand her getting together with rick’s friend Shane when she thought Rick was dead,but the way she coldly dismissed him when Rick returned made me dislike her. She also whines and complains a lot about Rick’s choices or decisions, or at least she did.


The gun at Lori’s head turns out to be a ruse by a former resident of the Governors camp, Alice in case they were captured. As Rick and his family try to escape we see several members of his group get shot down including Alice. And sadly, Lori and baby Judy. It’s a horrible shocking scene. This whole issue was fast paced and terrifying. The final page hit me the most: Rick on top of a small rise comforting a grieving Carl as a horde of zombies climb after them.  Chilling stuff.



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