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Comic Booked 10/03/2010 Reviews

Welcome to 31 DAYS!!

Every Day this month,leading up to Halloween ,I’m going to profile a comic book, manga ,or Trade collection.

I’m going to spotlight books that gave me Thrills, Chills, and possibly NIGHTMARES!!!  These books are from my personal collection so they may be quite limited. So feel free to leave comments! Tell me if you agree, disagree, and suggest some books I may have missed.



Dark Horse Presents number 62 is the final chapter of Sin City. This series was my first introduction to Noir storytelling. Following Frank Miller on his Sin City journey was amazing. The success of this thirteen part story paved the way for future Sin City Books. In this final episode Marv has finally tracked down the killer of his beloved Goldie.

I should have known something bad was coming when Marv checked :

The List:

Rubber Tubing





Razor Wire


Gladys (gun)

My Mitts (Hands)

His target? Kevin. A ward and killer for the church. Marv sets his trap. After a fierce battle he has restrained Kevin. Now Marv has at his mercy the man who killed his Goldie.

Despite The List I really couldn’t conceive what Marv would do. The black and white intensifies the horror! Marv saws off  Kevin’s arms and legs, uses tubing to reroute blood flow and waits. Soon it comes. The wild dog/wolf hybrid that prowls the grounds of Kevin’s house . It comes to feed. If that wasn’t disturbing enough we get two panels of Kevin. glasses cracked ,a weird creepy smile on his face as the beast eats out his guts!!

Creepy! Kevin stares and stares until the bitter end and to Marv’s extreme disappointment


Such a great series.

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