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Comic Booked 10/29/2010 ZDONOTUSE


Welcome to day 29 of 31 Days! A celebration of all things thrilling and chilling from my comic book collection:

I have two books to cover today, they are part of a Four issue story Arc that really shook up the walking dead series. Months before these issues we had been teased with posters from Image portraying these covers and the words NO ONE IS SAFE. As comic readers we become quite attached to characters. Unlike superhero books though dead characters stay DEAD in this series or at least UNDEAD.


I wondered after the events in issue 33 if the Governor was truly dead and this arc answers those questions. He is back, and he is MAD. An assault is waged on the prison where the group has been staying and at the beginning of this issue Rick is laying on the ground with a shot to his stomach.

The scariest part of this issue is seeing Tyreese in the hands of the Governors men and them reporting that Michonne has been shot.

Issue 46

The cover says it all. I hoped it was wrong that a last minute rescue was in the works. The worst of it was Rick and company watching Tyreese be decapitated. The horror on their faces as the Governor repeatedly hacked on his neck until his head tumbled to the ground. It was horrifying to see it happen to a beloved character, with Michonne’s sword! The only solace in this issue was the very last panel where we discover Michonne is very much alive and has a gun to the Governors head.

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