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31 DAYS DAY 21: X-FACTOR VOL 2 #39

Comic Booked 10/21/2010 Reviews


Welcome to day 21 of 31 days! A celebration of all things spooky, creepy, chilling and thrilling from my comicbook collection

X-factor has had many incarnations, but the second volume run by Peter David is one of my favorites. This issue is the culmination of a plot thread from several months prior: A drunk Jamie and one of his dupes end up sleeping with two different members of the team : Monet and Theresa.  Theresa becomes pregnant. After much in fighting Theresa and Jamie have made peace with each other as she begins labor.

Jamie even proposes to her. The team gathers around to look at its newest member :) Sean. I never saw it coming. Never imagined it. Theresa hands baby Sean to Jamie. Jamie smiles down on him musing on how his life will change, Suddenly a strange glow starts and Jamie begins to absorb the baby into his skin!! He stands frozen in shock as Theresa screams at him to stop,but he can’t the absorption process is unstoppable. Apparently it was the “dupe” and not the original Jamie that impregnated Theresa.

Jamie sees Theresa one final time at her request, she holds her hand out to Jamie who takes it without hesitation and she breaks his finger. She also threatens to break much more if she sees him again.

This was an emotional roller coaster issue for me. Shocking and brilliant, Peter David at his best.

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