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31 Days Day 18: Zot 6

Comic Booked 10/18/2010 ZDONOTUSE

Welcome to day 18 of 31 Days a celebration of all things spooky, creepy and thrilling from my comic book collection.

From time to time I will purge my comic collection. mostly for space reasons and for donations to my local library. Very few series last the test of time with me but Zot is definitely one of them. Scott Mccloud has crated  wonderful futuristic universe with a pulp like feel. Their is action , drama , romance and even the opportunity for a little social commentary. Zot also has quite a creepy Rouge’s gallery. The scariest one is 9-Jack-9 or simply Jack, a viscous assassin. Jack has the skill to move through electrical machinery, making himself tangible and intangible at will. Zot seems to have met his match,as Jack materializes behind him and begins to choke him.It’s a creepy scene as Jack is half materialised half intangible his white gloved hands choking the live from Zot. Luckily some quick thinking from Zot’s pal Jenny saves the day. A great issue which also brings a dark revelation about Zot’s missing parents.

This series is a comic book classic that I never tire of re-reading.

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