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31 Days Day 15: Green Lantern 54

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Welcome to day 15 of 31 Days: A celebration of all things spooky, chilling and thrilling from my comic book collection.

I feel like staying in the Green Lantern universe for a while :)  GL 54 is one of my favorite issues, mostly because of this guy:

I was intrigued wit Dex-Starr when I first saw him in Rage of The Red Lanterns. A kitty ? really?!!! Dex really proved him self as a force to be reckoned with, but I have to admit I thought he was a little cute. Must be a girl thing 😉  In this issue Dex-Starr shows he is one BAAAD Kitty.After the events of Blackest Night Atrocitus and Dex are on earth. The 2nd and 3rd pages of this book are the most thrilling for me as a Dex fan.

A group of thugs has taken over a subway car in New York. as they torment the passengers  the emergency brakes come on.  Two glowing red eyes gleam from the darkness , a flash of red flame erupts engulfing one of the thugs in flames.

Dex-Starr calmly walks forward  a slight growl in his throat . He walks through the bloody remains of the robber hes killed . Bones and blood are strewn across the floor as Dex calmly sits down in his victims remains and eyes the remaining thugs. It’s amazing what Geoff has done with this character and the Red Lanterns in general Doug Mahnke is an amazing artist. He does such wonderful facial expressions for Dex and Atrocitus. The whole issue is well done as Sinestro, Hal and Carol come together with the Red Lanterns, andpoor Dex- Starr gets the “boot” from Hal. Yeah I tend to side with cute , psychotic  kitties. It’s a problem.

I’m really excited to see where Green Lantern is headed and hope the Red Lanterns are going to be prominent in the future.

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