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Comic Booked 10/14/2010 Reviews


Welcome to Day 14 of 31 Days: A celebration of all things creepy,thrilling and chilling from my comic book collection:

Issue 39 was my first issue of Geoff Johns current run on Green Lantern. Just in time for Blackest Night! I really enjoyed buying all the trades and getting caught up on everything GL related.This trade collects Green Lantern #s 26-28, 36-38 and Final Crisis Rage of The Red Lanterns 1.

So many great moments in this trade: Alpha Lanterns, The Blue Corps, Hal’s stint as a Red lantern. The scariest scene for me was the opening three pages of the Red Lantern Special. The large lettering  BaBUM BaBUM the rhythm pulsating off the page. The first close up of Atrocitus mouth,blood spilling from viscous  teeth, the dark and creepy Red Lantern oath.

 My favorite part is the  bottom of the third page, a closeup of Atrocitus mouth as he begins the Red Lantern Oath, culminating in a full page drawing of a costumed Atrocitus spewing blood and grasping his lantern.

Ivan Reis is a master Artist, joined by McKone and Davis this book has a dark epic feel, the space battles are gorgeous and Johns deftly folds in a strong horror element into the series. The Red Lanterns are born in blood and rage and Johns deftly portrays this in their actions.

 Such a great comic book moment! Later in the book we get our first glimpse of my favorite Red Lantern Dex-Starr! more on him tomorrow :)

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  1. Human Scorch 10/14/2010 at 5:09 pm

    All I know is, I'm glad he doesn't wear a green leotard anymore :)

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