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Here we are at Day 13 of 31 Days, a celebration of all things spook, creepy and chilling from my comic book collection.

It took me a long time to buy crossed. Something about the covers of the individual issues were really disturbing to me. The strange pattern on the faces of the crossed. Their manic , gleeful faces,  and propensity to extreme violence. I re-read a lot of the books I’m covering this month but the Crossed wasn’t one of them. There was no need. Every moment of this series is burned into my memory. Garth Ennis is one of my favorite writers. He has an amazing observational eye that allows him to cross into area’s many may fear top tread. Dark corners of the human heart we sometimes  try to negate. Jacen Burrows art gives the words of Garth’s script a vibrant terrifying life.

The very first crossed enters a diner covered in blood and holding a human spine in his hands.  The diner patrons don’t initially react. The owner thinks it’s a prank, when they realise differently it is two late. The virus spreads rapidly, and society crumbles. A small group of the uninfected begin a journey to the mountains meeting other survivors on the way.


It would be easy to write this story off as simple Horror comic. There is so much more to this series. I came across a passage  by George R.R. Martin about Horror fiction for the anthology Night Visions, that really sums up this series:  “Good horror stories are about larger things. About hope and despair. About love and hatred, lust and jealously, the human mind and body and spirit under stress and in agony.”  All this and more is within the pages of Crossed. It explores what we will live for, kill for and how long the desire to survive will last.

 It is one of the most difficult books I’ve ever read. The essence of what I enjoy as a horror fan.

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