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Comic Booked 10/11/2010 ZDONOTUSE


Here we are at DAY 11 OF 31 DAYS.  A celebration of all things spooky, thrilling and chilling from my comic collection.

It started with all the Mark Waid IS EVIL ads I started seeing everywhere. I heard lots of buzz about Irredeemable and so I was excited for the first trade collection

Heroes turning Villain has been explored many times in comics.What Mark Waid has done with Irredeemable is show a progressive deterioration of one of Earth’s greatest heroes : Plutonian. From the opening pages when Plutonian hunts down and kills a superhero and his entire family. Even the children.  This scene is chilling and gives you a  sense of the  pace and direction of the series.


 So many shocks and twists in this volume the most disturbing is Plutonian’s destruction of Singapore. As the  remaining heroes rush to save  as many citizens as they can one of  them confronts Plutonian trying to reason with him. Tony looks at him and calmly tells him to pick ten people. Once assembled  Tony vaporizes them all. He lets the hero go but then he hovers over Singapore ,calling in a huge storm that is drowning the entire island. Peter Krause’s artwork is stunning ! His facial expressions on the Plutonian are one of the scariest things about this book. If your not reading it start now!

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