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Comic Booked 10/10/2010 Reviews


 Welcome to Day 10 of 31 Days! A celebration of all things spooky, chilling and thrilling from my comic book collection. The next couple of days I’m going to focus on Trade Paperbacks.


Identity crisis originally ran in seven issues published in 2004 and 2005.  It was one of the first collections I read when I re-entered the world of comics. Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales have created an instant classic with this series and there are some many shocks and twists that it’s hard to just focus on one. Here are a few scenes that still stay with me :


Sue Dibny’s murder sets of an investigation that releases dark secretes about the JLA’s past.


DOCTOR LIGHT: I remember reading issues with Dr. Light he always seemed a B rate villain to me so his scene with Sue on th JLA Satellite is one of the disturbing scenes I’ve ever read. The terror is in what you don’t see.


ZATANNA : Zatanna is one of my favorite magic users in the DC universe. I always thought her powers were unique, but it is chilling to watch the scope of her powers in this series.  To see a core group of the League  come to this decision,and then watch Zee tinker with Dr light’s brain and his personality,put this villain in a whole new light . Zatanna’s second use of her powers on Batman is equally disturbing, Too see her stop and hold Batman in stasis and then remove ten minutes of his memory  is a perfect example of one wrong action snowballing into others. It was amazing that Meltzer made this connection with Zee’s abilities it puts her character in a whole new light.



Batman spends the majority of this series working on Sue’s murder. Tim has stayed home with his father , deciding to go on patrol he gets a call from his father through oracle.  I hadn’t heard any spoilers about Identity Crisis so I had know idea what became of Tim’s father. The two page spread where Tim is listening live to the last moments of his father’s life while boomerang’s sun hears a recording of his father is the most emotional scened in this book for me. It’s terrifying and heartbreaking.


The most disturbing part for me in this volume shows the wonderful symmetry of Art and writing. I still hadn’t figured out who the killer of Jean was, even when the footsteps were revealed I was horrified to think it might be Ray Palmer. When Jean asks about the Protect Yourself not Tim’s dad got , Rag’s art deftly portrays the revelation on Ray’s face. He confronts her .  To see Jean’s face change as the manic light enters her eyes is one of the mot climactic scenes I’ve read in comics.


Identity Crisis expands and elevates the comic book formula to amazing highs while also keeping the elements that keep fans reading. A masterpiece! Still makes me tear up ever time.

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