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Although comics getting a reprint is nothing new these days, it is noteworthy when they are relatively new titles that don’t have a large following to begin with. But, with a few Image titles, that’s exactly what happened. The series Happy is going back to print – both the first and second issues – as well as the 4th issue of Revival. The details were provided to Comic Booked via the following press release from Image:


HAPPY! #1 and #2, REVIVAL #4 get new printings

Three Image Comics issues — HAPPY! #1 (second printing, HAPPY! #2, and REVIVAL #4 — have sold out this week and will receive new printings

Both the second issue and second printing of the first issue of HAPPY!, a four-issue miniseries by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson, were released this Wednesday and quickly sold out at the distributor level. A third printing of HAPPY! #1 (SEP128237) and a second printing of HAPPY! #2 (SEP128238) will be in stores on December 5, the same day as HAPPY! #3. HAPPY! tells the story of disgraced cop Nick Sax and his tiny blue companion, the winged horse Happy, who may or may not be a hallucination.

REVIVAL #4 also sold out at the distributor level this week Every issue of the ongoing series by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton about a small town where the dead came back to life for one fateful day has had multiple printings. The second printing of REVIVAL #4 (SEP128239) will be in stores on December 5.

So what do you think? With reprints so soon, the books are obviously pretty hot, and after having read both of those titles I can attest to that! Do you have them yet, or are you looking forward to getting these books once the reprints arrive?

Revival #4 Cover from Image   Happy #2 Cover from Image