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2014 Fall Television Schedule Relies On Comics

Bill Ivie 05/19/2014 Movies and TV

The 2014 fall television schedule has been partially released and it is chock-full of comic book themed shows.  If you have been waiting to see your comics come to life or to see new stories based on the characters you love, this upcoming television season will take a chance at establishing comics as a legitimate resource for new shows.

2014 Fall Television ScheduleABC will return Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for a second season, this time on Tuesday nights.  They will also venture down a new path with Marvel’s Agent Carter, a show dedicated to the once love of Captain America’s life, Peggy Carter.  The newer Marvel show has yet to be announced for a day or time slot.  Stay tuned to find out where the 1950’s crime drama centering around the early days of S.H.I.E.L.D. winds up.

ABC is not the only network that feels one good comic book show deserves another.  The CW will take the success it has found with Arrow, the show based on DC’s Green Arrow, and spin off a series dedicated to the fleet of foot super hero, The Flash.  The Flash will debut on Tuesday nights, but will avoid a full confrontation with Marvel by airing an hour earlier than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Meanwhile, Arrow returns for a third season, airing on Wednesday evenings.  Finally, around midseason, iZombie will join the list of DC comics finding their way to The CW for a television run.

2014 Fall Television ScheduleNBC will spin up an old favorite when Heroes takes to the screen once again in 2015.  Half a season has been ordered but promises to introduce new characters and not just be a revisit to an old show.  Not ready to stand pat and wait for the Heroes reboot, NBC will take a chance with Constantine on Friday nights.  They hope to overcome many objections that DC received when they ended Hellblazer in an effort to go back to John Constantine’s roots.

Fox may be the network getting the most press from a television adaptation of a comic book story line, however.  Gotham will reimagine the early days of the city prior to Batman’s arrival and during the days that formed a young Jim Gordon into the man fans know today.  The show will air on Monday nights and promises to take a lot of liberties with many origin stories.  It may end up being the one most talked about – whether that is good or bad.

Should the networks find success with the new shows, expect to see many more comics coming to the small screen in the near future.

Share with us your thoughts on what comic should be next in the comment section below.

Comic Book Shows Debuting in 2014:

Monday: Gotham, FOX, 8pm

Tuesday: The Flash, The CW, 8pm

Friday: Constantine, NBC, 10pm

Yet to be determined: Marvel’s Agent Carter, iZombie, Heroes

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